In the Blade collection, the space has been specifically designed with a natural approach in mind.

Blade is a decidedly innovative and exclusive model that stands out mainly due to the technique used to make the doors.

Typically, the Blade door is just 10 mm thick and is made from a honeycombed aluminium panel faced on both sides with aluminium to which various finishes are then applied. The finishes include lacquer, Fenix laminate, raw oak wood, open-pore lacquer, cement-effect resin and metal.

Blade is also available with 20-mm thick doors and with metal and lacquer finishes.

The Blade collection is highly adaptable. Each home reflects the personality of its inhabitants and Blade has the flexibility to support individual preferences. It has an easy mix and match modularity, which is very user-friendly.


project one

Here, a range of new and traditional elements have been combined, providing details that emphasize the evolution of a contemporary living space.

In the Blade collection, the space is designed with a natural approach in mind.

To achieve a clean-cut look, the units are square cut and the door handles are concealed.

project two

The Blade collection provides a sophisticated use of the available space.

Here, the textured finish of is nero fossile kerlite in enhanced by white tecnoril.

Unit doors are opened via a concave metal profile fastened onto the base unit.

project three

Here, the natural look of the Blade collection is emphasized by the large sky light, which opens up the living space to the outside environment.

Elegance and innovation are combined in this sophisticated living space.