The Twenty series uses a selection of highly innovative materials.

In the Twenty series, the unit doors are 25-mm thick and are available in 2 versions. (1) Lacquered and resin doors are constructed from a single 25-mm thick medium-density fiberboard (MDF) panel. (2) Glass, gres (stoneware) and Piastentina stone doors are constructed from a 20-mm thick lacquered MDF panel on which a 4-mm panel is applied in the desired finish.
The Twenty base unit doors are opened via a 50° bevelled edge, whereas the wall unit doors have 4 straight edges and are fitted with a push-to- open mechanism.  The standard base unit is opened via a spacer channel between the door and the top.


project one

The Twenty series combines innovative materials with sophisticated design.

Novel and innovative finishes are the main choice for this interior series.

Here, Pietra Piasentina stone lends a totally new look to the suspended unit.

project two

Here, the storage unit doors are in glass and the base of the suspended sideboard is in Kerlite.

The use of glass for the storage unit doors is a novel approach for the living area.

The use of novel and innovative materials and combinations of materials is a highlight of the Twenty collection.