Frame is a project dedicated to sophisticated areas, a refined revisiting of classic forms.

project one

Precise, clean-cut lines are softened by a frame that defines and highlights the door profile: the handle is embedded in the door, hidden from view. The Frame door with its 1 cm thick frame, a technical detail that has become a feature, now forms part of the Modulnova bathroom collection.

This attractive ambience features the texture of rovere caffè varnished with natural oils, and an outstanding wall in marble effect stoneware.

The Carrara stoneware wall contrasts with dark shades to illuminate the room. The large round backlit mirror highlights the texture of the stoneware wall.

project two

The bathroom describes new horizons and refined, intimate atmospheres. A collection for a romantic bathroom with a hint of industrial design: a proposal that harks back to well-known images, evoked by different styles.

The Frame door with its 1cm thick frame, appears in this project with a bronze dust metal finish.

The lateral light creates a delightful effect by enhancing the boiserie and grain of the sahara noir stoneware. Modulnova considers that illumination studies should be directed at creating areas of light and shade, to provide cosy ambiences that evoke intimate sensations and relaxing atmospheres.