Project 06

Precise lines, rational space organization, and excellent materials create an environment in which form, function and aesthetics reach perfect balance. Relaxation with the highest quality of living and space is assured.

Kitchen block in Piasentina Fiammata stone, hearth at the right in AISI 316 stainless steel. Black Epoxy finish. Pull-out wood storage box on the right.

Cooktop in Piasentina Fiammata stone with barbecue and pull-out embers box, teppanyaki plate, and induction plate.

Supported countertop in Piasentina Fiammata stone with integrated sink and ice box. AISI 316 stainless steel structure.

The kitchen block features a fireplace with a wood-burning oven and a pull-out wood storage box. The top on the right has a stainless steel grill and a removable embers box. The worktop on the left has a washing space and a sink that can be transformed into a practical wine cooler on occasion.